We meet spectacular talent daily. While we can't extend our services to everyone, we are happy to help you evaluate your BIG IDEA, primary target audiences, sales enablement tools, and the best path to launch your speaking journey.

Speaker Management Services

  • Inbound lead handling, sales, pitching, negotiations, value creation, contracting*, invoicing, collections, and payments distribution.
  • Lead nurturing: pre-booking, pre-event, post-event, future-event. As you know, relationships are key and we make sure we nurture them to create opportunities down the road.
  • Sales enablement and assets library management and consulting. We take in your sales assets and create libraries and packaging for direct clients and bureaus, delivered in the ways we know make it easy for them to remember you and pitch you internally. We'll offer ideas for evolving and refining these marketing assets to best fit the needs and demands of the market.
  • Pre-booking communications and logistics. LOTS of excellent communication!
  • Pre-event preparation, communications, and logistics:  LOTS of excellent communication!
    Communications & coordination: Event brief creation, sharing, event calendar management, coordination with event teams and speakers bureaus. We clear the path to success by utilizing tools and technologies that keep everyone on the same page, expectations clear, and processes smooth and easy for everyone involved.
  • Scaling speaking opportunities with offers for books, film, workshops, consulting services, etc. We see every speaking engagement as an opportunity to provide value and memorable experiences at every turn.
  • Post-event handling of proprietary content, testimonials, and referrals.

When you're represented by Engage Your Stage, you can focus on speaking, content, presenting, marketing, and all that goes into up-leveling your brand, delivering impact and inspiration. We take care of the rest!

We love nurturing our client relationships to ensure they receive all the incredible value you have to offer: books, film licenses, consulting, masterclasses, workshops, and other value-added experiences for their audiences. 

Are YOU Ready?

Do I have what it takes to become a keynote speaker?
Do you have a big story to tell and a big idea that goes with it? Do you have a belief that will change lives if you can prove it's true? Is your talk based around a singular idea with a niche audience that would value it? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you have potential to be a successful keynote speaker.
Where do I start?
Establish your brand. Get clear on your talk topics (no more than three). Write your talk. Practice it. Memorize it. Reach out to us if you need help!
What if I need help with my personal brand and my keynote?
No worries. We would be glad to connect you with experts in both areas to ensure your brand is on mark and your talk is powerful before you hit a stage! Fill out our contact form or email shelley@engageyourstage.com to schedule a one-on-one free consultation.
What do you need from me to get on your roster?
You need a speaking website, sizzle reel (2-5 minutes), professional headshots, book/film images, short bio, long bio, a one-sheet overview of your talk topics, stage intro, a rider, and a few positive testimonials. Most importantly, you need leads!
How do I retain your management services?
Speakers retain our services with a monthly retainer plus a % of commission on speaking engagements booked. Lead generation and marketing services are available on a retained project basis.
How do I get booked to speak?
When speakers are launching, they either do their own outreach to prospective clients and bureaus, hire an assistant to do it for them, or retain our agency to do it. Many speakers have multiple partners leading outreach, publicity, and social media activity to create awareness and new opportunities. Big stages and high fees take time. Speakers who proactively and consistently seek them out over time, with the right tools, strategy, and thoughtful, personalized outreach daily to make great connections. When you start getting booked, and your talks land with audiences, every keynote should lead to more. Eventually, if you're consistently delivering, inquiries become more frequent and you won't need to do as much lead generation.
How do I make a sizzle reel if I can't get on a big stage without one?
Great question! Reach out to groups with your target audience and offer a talk for free if you know their staging and audience will be great on your video. Have a production crew record and edit your talk. Apply for any of the hundreds of TEDx Talks around the country. Once you're established, you'll want to do a TED Talk! We can help you strategize how best to go about this. This video content is great for your sizzle reel.
What sets great speakers apart from good speakers?
Great speakers know how to perform. They can land a talk with an audience in a way that makes the audience want more. They actively market themselves, are publishing regularly, and create "social proof" that their expertise is in demand. Great speakers take complex ideas and make them simple. They have a video(s). They're prepared. Show up early and stay after. They're low maintenance. Engage with the audience. They evolve their topics every 3-4 years to make sure they're always connecting with audiences and staying relevant.
Who does my marketing and lead generation?
The short answer is - you do! When you sign with a manager and get listed with bureaus, the offers don't come flooding in. Successful speakers are committed to marketing, growing their following, creating content, evolving their topics, and generating leads. We offer lead generation outreach as an add-on service. The social proof rests with the speaker.