Event Professionals

Helping you book the perfect speaker to deliver inspiration and value to your audience is what we do. But, that's not always where we start.

  • We offer research using the latest in AI and data mining to help you better understand the main pain points of your audience, sources of these challenges, and primary topics they're most interested in. The kicker is we can turn this research around in 24-48 hours. You'll have food for thought compared to surveys and feedback you may have from your last event, giving you a pulse on their greatest needs today.
  • Once you land on your topic, we help you select the perfect speaker. It may be one of our exclusive speakers, or someone else. Either way, we're here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the million other pieces that make your event better than the last.
  • We ensure every detail, piece of communication (right down to the back-up flight plan) is proactive and exceeds your expectations. From pre-booking meetings with speakers, to promotional assets for your unique event, to post-event follow-up - we go above and beyond to make sure the process is smooth from start to finish.
  • Coordinating prep calls with your team, note-taking, follow-up, all logistical communication, schedules, calendar invites, detailed event briefs, and everything in between. On it!
  • We'll even provide customized branding for books, customized promotional videos for promoting your event, and provide you any other assets you need to get the word out.
  • Our speakers invest in your event with well-researched, tailored content. They deep-dive into your unique audience and connect with them to create the most transformative experiences possible. Our speakers arrive early, are low-maintenance (no aversion to green M&Ms here), and stay after their talks to make personal connections, answer questions, and offer book signings. 
If you're looking for a more-than-full-service partner for speakers, fill out this form and start practicing your royal wave because you're about to be a hero!

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