About Us

Since 2016, we've served speakers and clients changing the lives of millions around the world. Our passion is simple: to support healthy human futures on all levels. Our laser focus is on creating meaningful relationships, connecting speakers with clients who share our passion. 

Our speakers continuously connect, learn, and evaluate what matters most to our clients. In doing so, they refine and evolve their craft continuously to ensure they're delivering current, fresh, and relevant thought leadership TODAY! 

What topic is your audience craving this year? If you're not sure, reach out and we'll put our research team on it to help validate your data and instincts so you know you're putting your energy into creating programs that will be better than the last, transformative ...  unforgettable!


Our Story

In 2016, owner, Shelley Kelly, began representing global keynote speakers, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray. Since then, Engage Your Stage has grown to offer exclusive speaker management services to our small group of carefully curated executives, thought leaders, authors, creators, and film subjects. 

We provide a partnership where speakers can explore their vision, purpose, possibilities - continuously elevating their craft, focused on their authentic thought leadership.

What We Do. How We're Different.

Smooth Operations 
The event world is fast, complicated, constantly changing, and riddled with unique variables for every event. We're the glue that pulls all moving pieces and parts together to ensure our clients' expectations are met and our speakers feel fully supported, informed, prepared, and focused. The result is spot-on delivery of content, with the perfect level of energy, tailored with unique audience understanding, leaving people hanging on every word and wanting more.

Expect the Unexpected 
We take care of the gritty so you get the glitter.  With 30-years of marketing expertise backing you, expect out-of-the-box promotional ideas. Contracts, project briefs, and financials are easy peasy with our automations, technologies, and best practices in operating protocols. 

Hundreds of Rodeos 
We've been part of this beautiful speaking industry for a while now, so consider us your trusted advisors. We've learned a couple of things about what makes events run smoothly (and what doesn't!). Consider us the bridge that fills the gap between speakers, bureaus, and planners. Your ace in the back pocket! ♠️

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Our Sales & Marketing Machine

In 1996, at 24-yrs-old, Shelley started a business-to-business marketing agency in Raleigh, NC, which, under her 20 years of leadership, grew to become one of the most energized, largest, and award-winningest agencies in the Triangle region of North Carolina. After selling the business in 2016, Shelley sought to find a way to use her skills in a more niche agency. A musician and visionary, she's always had a soft spot for high-performing talent and a passion for growth and change. Speaker management would become her niche! 

In 2016, she met Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray, who completed a 500-mile journey on the Camino de Santiago, with Patrick pushing Justin in his wheelchair the entire way. Their powerful story and her relationship with them was where the agency started. Today, we're CHANGING LIVES - one event at a time. Each year Shelley's carefully curated group of change-makers reach thousands of people with relevance, BIG ideas, and heart-felt stories that inspire and motivate people to grow and change to be the best they can be.

Shelley sees her service to these incredible thought leaders as a way to make a bigger impact in the world than she could on her own. This is the magic we find in our work connecting transformative talent with the right events.