Paul Meshanko in the Huffington Post: 12 Rules of Respect

We’re excited to announce that Paul Meshanko has a new article, Revving Up Your Influence Using the 12 Rules of Respect, published on Huffington Post. Read his full article in the Huffington Post here.

Here is a summary of the 12:

1. Be aware of your nonverbal and extra verbal cues.

2. Show curiosity for the views of others.

3. Treat other people like they’re smart.

4. Listen better by shaking your “but”.

5. Look for opportunities to connect with and support others.

6. When you disagree, explain why. 

7. Seek ways to grow, stretch and change.

8. Allow yourself to be wrong on occasion.

9. Never hesitate to say you are sorry.

10. Engage others in ways that build their self-esteem.

11. Share your ideas proportionally.

12. Smile!

Paul speaks on leveraging concepts like respect, bias, and managing change in the workplace. His clients include Toyota, Dupont, and the US Department of Justice to name a few.