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Madeline Delp: Live Boundless

Madeline Delp learned at a young age that sometimes almost losing your life can be the catalyst to truly finding it in a way you never had before. After miraculously surviving a car accident that left her crushed in the back of a car and comatose for several weeks, she woke up to find that she had been paralyzed from the waist down. Madeline soon realized that the physical bounds she faced were small in comparison to the emotional repercussions of paralyzing fear and doubt.

A multi-continental journey of soul-searching and fear-hunting, led her to see
that she could refuse to be the victim of her circumstance – that by mastering
the mind, one can profoundly reclaim control of their life. She went on to
begin her speaking career as the representative of Ms. Wheelchair NC and
spent a year traveling and speaking nationally as the winner of the national
competition, Ms. Wheelchair USA. Madeline is currently in production of a
series called, Living Boundless through which she encourages people to
experience their fullest life regardless of their dis-ability and learn to overtake their physical, emotional, mental and social challenges.

Madeline deeply impacts audiences with her message of how to let go of limiting
beliefs in order to unleash a dynamic life potential and inspires people of all abilities how to truly live boundless. Her education in business and foreign language also allows her to reach her audiences in new and dynamic ways. A respected speaker in the disability and medical industry, she works to help medical companies cultivate a competitive edge with next-level patient care, along with educating businesses on strategic and creative ways to market to the rapidly-growing disability market. For multicultural audiences, select presentations are also offered in Spanish and German.


Boundless Life

Just like a physical injury, the limitations that have been conditioned into your mind can literally dis-able you from unlocking the breadth of your life potential. Release the paralyzing feelings of guilt, regret, fear and worry – find the deep-seated purpose of why you are here. You were designed to explore, to live, to thrive, to be a vibrant, unstoppable being that knows no limits. Focus on your unique ability, become your own master, and do what you were born to do.

Boundless Health

We begin this life with a miraculously complex body that allows us to do incredible things – it is the vehicle for our soul to experience the world. We tend to forget what a powerful machine that our bodies truly are, especially in times of
sickness, disease and trauma. However, looking through history at others before us who achieved the physically “impossible” through mental and physical training, we can realize our potential to overcome much greater than we believe.

Boundless Relationships

The drain of negative relationships can be a bound like no other. Those who intend to control you on a basis of manipulation, deception or physical and mental abuse will only hold you back in your journey towards living a purposeful,
enjoyable life. You deserve to have loving, supportive, passionate relationships. Remember that you have the power to take control – pull out the weeds and fertilize the flowers!

Boundless Dreams

Your life is worthy of a great adventure – one that tests you in ways you did not know were possible, one that forces you to grow, one that revolutionizes your perspective of the world. An adventure that takes your breath away. Each person’s adventure takes a different form, but the principles to get there are the same. Will you commit to finding and chasing your dream with a fiery, soul-igniting passion?


The All-Ability Marketing Plan

With the purchasing power of those with disabilities rising to over $1 billion in the US, companies can no longer afford to take a one-size-fits all approach with customers having a myriad of various physical and cognitive abilities. By learning
to make strategic shifts in removing physical and attitudinal barriers, your business will learn to not only open powerful new income streams, but make a positive statement of inclusion and diversity in the community.

Bad Side Manner: Shifting the Patient Approach

From the intensive care unit to the local DME supplier, those providing medical services, care and equipment all comprise a life-changing force in the lives of millions each year. While medical treatment and expertise are crucial to success, the humanizing care of empathy, empowerment and positive reinforcement are essential factors to shift your healthcare culture from one that promotes a quick fix to one that fosters meaningful patient relationships and lasting healing.