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Dina Proto: Identity Impact


Dina is an entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, and author who relies on her nursing education and 20 years of healthcare experience in hospice and critical care settings, such as the Emergency Room and ICU, to provide insight and education to doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, hospitals, corporate diversity programs, insurance companies, advocacy groups, and families about the healthcare complications that arise when a person’s identity is discordant with social norms.

In her book, Identity Impact: When Society’s Expectations Collide with Our Authentic Selves, she challenges us to examine this critical question: What is the potential fall-out when a person’s identity doesn’t fit neatly into society’s box?

With years working in the ER and as a hospice nurse, Dina is a pro at making people feel comfortable sharing and discussing the emotional subject of gender identity and role. She opens doors, creates safe places, and sets the stage for self-discovery, evidence-based understanding of others, and preventive knowledge that provides insights resulting in better experiences for caregivers and LGBTQ patients.



Gender Identity: When Society Collides With Authenticity

Dina easily custom fits every keynote to accommodate the unique needs and goals of your audience. Proto shares the evidence-based research that reveals the all-to-often overlooked clinical connection between a person’s identity and certain health complications. While we all struggle through the stages of growth, those along the LGBTQ continuum experience identity development differently, which impacts coping, grief, social connection, among dozens of other dimensions, including the fulfillment of Maslow’s basic hierarchy of needs. In her keynote, she provides her audience with new and inspirational knowledge, tools and empowerment to know that with greater understanding, they can better provide for better health and well-being for everyone.

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After 20 years in healthcare as a hospice and emergency room nurse, Dina co-founded Teazled Greeting Cards with her wife Dom. Teazled, a greeting card company whose niche market is traditional greeting cards for diverse families, provides greeting cards for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community who have spent years unable to purchase greeting cards that connect with members of this community.

After realizing, first hand, the benefits of certification through the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce had on the ability to grow Teazled Greeting Cards, Dina sought to provide education and outreach to other LGBT business enterprises, allies and corporate partners. That outreach came in the form of the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Nevada (GLCCNV). As founder and President of GLCCNV, Dina has been committed to serving Nevada business community on both a local and global level, assisting other businesses to experience the same growth opportunities that Teazled has been afforded.



Healthcare – nurses, practitioners, social workers, psychologists, therapists, hospitals, healthcare administrators. Outcomes with these audiences include favorable impact of HCAHPS and HEI scores. External and internal customer experiences are improved.

Education – administrators, teachers, counselors, instructors, elementary, middle & high school faculty and students. Outcomes are improved culture of acceptance, caring and inclusion. Reduced bullying.

Corporate – supplier diversity, employer resources, healthcare services, managed care groups, and insurance carriers. Outcomes include improved internal and external customer service. This is accomplished by providing insight into one’s personal identity and how that impacts their work with others.

LGBTQ Advocacy Groups – parent resource groups, employee resource groups, gay straight alliance groups and advocacy groups. Outcomes are greater parental awareness, issues identified and solutions established. Healthier, happier people and honest communication.

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