Marcus Whitney: Entrepreneur + Creator

Marcus Whitney, Entrepreneur

Marcus Whitney wants to make the world a better place by developing “the unlikely entrepreneurs.”

Marcus Whitney is an entrepreneur, investor, writer and public speaker. In 2015 he founded The Unlikely Company with the sole mission of using entrepreneurship to help solve income inequality by providing tools, programming and funding to “unlikely” entrepreneurs all over the world. He is also the Co-Founder and President of Jumpstart Foundry, the leading accelerator in the Southeast. He co-founded Moontoast, Southern/Alpha and Clariture Health and serves on the board of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but he planted his roots and has thrived in Nashville, Tennessee.

Through Jumpstart Foundry, Marcus has helped raise over $25 million dollars to date for more than 37 companies. His first book, Create And Orchestrate, launched on Kickstarter in June 2015 and met its funding goal in less than twelve hours.

Marcus set the tone for his platform with his 2014 TEDx talk in Nashville entitled “Nashville Hustle: To Change Your World, You Gotta Lie a Little.” His talks often center around counterintuitive truths that enable people to be empowered and control their destiny. Marcus’ personal journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneur, mentor and respected leader has given him a unique point of view that resonates with audiences of all types: If you want to achieve something, you can. It’s that simple.

Through The Unlikely Company, Jumpstart Foundry and his other roles, Marcus has left a tremendous impact on Nashville’s red-hot entrepreneur scene and the community at large. He continues to bring hope to those who want to control their destiny through entrepreneurship and make a positive impact in their communities.

Some of his accomplishments include: Founder and CEO, The Unlikely Company, Co-Founder and President, Jumpstart Foundry, Co Founder and former Chief BD Officer, Moontoast, Co-Founder and Board Member, Southern/Alpha, Co-Founder and Board Member, Clariture, Graduated of Leadership Nashville, Class of 2015, Member of Young American Leaders Program, Harvard Business School, Author, Create And Orchestrate.


The Mindset of a Hustler

When you are stuck an environment that doesn’t suit your needs
sometimes making a change is not just an easy fix. Sometimes, you have
to really dig your heels in, set your priorities and then you have to
hustle. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Marcus’ TEDx Talk covers this
exact situation. His environment began as a college dropout surviving
by waiting tables. Something needed to change. He switched his mindset
around and soon he became a successful entrepreneur and venture
capitalist. The key is understanding and overcoming the biases that
keep us from moving forward. Mindset of a Hustler sets the foundation
for what became his philosophy. Clients have reviewed this talk as
motivational, funny, and extremely enlightening.

Aboard the SS Leader-Ship

Leadership is not easily defined. The world has more books about
leadership than we could ever read in a lifetime, and yet, it is one
of the hardest and most desirable skills to master. While individuals
have different personalities and styles there are some approaches that
all good leaders utilize. These approaches are half the equation and
the other half is to never stop improving your mastery. In this talk,
Marcus covers the seven key challenges that every leader faces, and
the skills a leader can acquire to keep pushing forward to achieve the
best results possible.

Perspective is Empathy

If knowledge is power than the key to utilizing that power is
perspective. The classic leadership model of “Command and Control” is
becoming ineffective. Empathy is becoming a critical skill to
understand and motivate the Millennial’s Generation, which also
happens to be the biggest generation currently in the workforce. To be
effective leaders we need to move into “Intrinsic Motivation
Leadership Model.” In this talk, Marcus focuses on the key ways in
which empathy can be practiced and utilized. This in turn helps to
create stronger bonds and greater influence for leaders at all stages.

How to Innovate Like a Startup

In a world where AirBNB has challenged the entire hotel industry with
a simple model and Amazon is sending the retail establishment reeling,
every incumbent organization is being forced to take the need to
innovate seriously. The problem is, that most companies don’t really
understand the principles of innovation that are driving success for
early stage companies. Design rationale, customer development, lean,
and other numerous concepts can be extremely confusing. In this talk,
Marcus breaks down innovation into simple to understand key principles
that are driving innovation in the most successful disruptive
companies in the world and how we can adopt them.

Post-Industrial Stress Disorder

This is truly an unprecedented moment in history. Senator Ben Sasse
has said that we don’t know what to call this era, so we just call it
“Post-Industrial”. The changes we are experiencing in our economy are
creating an unknown future that seemingly leaves much of our
population on the sidelines. The current thinking appears to be
teaching everyone STEM, but machines are now learning STEM faster than
humans. The truth is, humans need to learn an entirely new skill set
in this era. This talk is the Masters Edition of Marcus’ talk,
“Mindset of a Hustler”. This talk is the master class, a new set of
three key skills that leaders must develop in order to thrive in the
Post-Industrial era.

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